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We are aiming to strengthen our countries economy via Agro Culture rather than Agriculture,We opt for this registration because we know agricultural necessity in region like Orissa,though Gujarat is fully developed as a state but Agriculturally Gujarat is not strong enough in Agriculture.We member from this two states united in Surat & finally decided to put our effort in changing our country into Farming Revolution.If canada can come upto this level due to Farming then why not our beloved nation India.Since the dawn of independence, several steps have been taken to develop the agricultural sector of the country. The major break through has been achieved in food grains production.The production of food grains which was 550 lakh tonnes in 1950 substantially moved to 1991 lakh tonnes in 1995. However, the various measures employed from time to time can be discussed as: The various technical measures employed to develop agriculture are as under

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Floriculture is increasingly regarded as a viable diversification from the traditional field crops because of higher returns per unit area and the increasing habit of "Saying it with flowers" during all the occasions. Though the art of growing flowers is not new to India, but large-scale commercial cultivation, protected cultivation is relatively new in India.

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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry has been practiced for thousands of years, since the first domestication of animals. Selective breeding for desired traits was first established as a scientific practice by Robert Bakewell during the British Agricultural Revolution in the 18th century. One of his most important breeding programs was with sheep. Using native stock...

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The vision of Chitra Agro Multistate co-operative society is public prospective by offering agro services to all group of people and offering equal opportunity to all to live and imporve life by agro enabled empowerment. The vision of the society is to create self sufficient sustainable eco-system contributors through co-opration.
The society is to enable to provide affordable agro services to the under privileged and socially excluded community and in uncalculated the saving habits among the common man through innovative self-help and mutual-aids.

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Date :
2nd.January 2014

Place :

Subject :
"How to bring all farmer
together for
following modern technology"

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